MOMO2 is a place that re-defines the meaning of entertainment and “the spot” by offering true entertainment satisfaction. The modern look and interior design of MOMO2 give it a cozy environment and a family-friendly atmosphere. More importantly, MOMO2 provides an extraordinary combination of food, drinks and fun.

In 2003, MOMO was a small bubble tea shop housing casino games, poker, sportsbook and karaoke within a limited area. Due to the change in entertainment trends and the blending of eastern and western culture, MOMO2 decided to expand to a bigger area, keeping what was already established and at the same time offering more energizing games and exotic food – MOMO2 was launched on July 14th 2006.

Since 2003, MOMO2 has been consistently improving on everything from space to food and beverages and the quality of our entertainment. Although we have expanded our space, the MOMO family understands that a good relationship with people is one of our core principles. We respect and care for each individual; from our valued customers to every one of our crew members. We believe that team work and a kindly caring attitude will take us to a higher level of excellence and excitement.

Become a part of the MOMO family, because fun and entertainment are our essential goals and big parts of our success. Come on in…the fun begins here.